If you are completing your estate agent internship, we will guide you through it with our Premium Intern Logbook course.

This informative course will help you to meet all the requirements of the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (PPRA) for your compulsory Portfolio of Evidence (PoE).

Why you should enrol in our Premium Intern Logbook course: 

  1. Specific instructions from start to finish. We don’t just read the logbook to you, we give you reasons to complete certain sections, change others and tell you how to get it done quickly.
  2. We supply you with 15 modules of expert learning material and quizzes – each an integral part of real estate and guaranteed to be asked in your NQF4 and PDE4 exams.
  3. Over 35 editable templates that are designed for you to use throughout your career, making sure you are a part of the top 20% of achieving estate agents.
  4. Instructional videos that you can watch as you answer questions, in your own time.
  5. Support throughout your course.


Your Intern Logbook needs to be handed into the PPRA in your thirteenth month from the date of first FFC. If you are running late, you can buy our course and finish your PoE in just a few months.