If you have just joined the industry of real estate, WELCOME!

Practicing as a Property Practitioner in the real estate industry can be a very fulfilling career.  We support all Candidate Property Practitioners who wish to realise their dream of becoming Non-Principal Property Practitioners registered with the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (PPRA).

You have 24 months within which to comply with the following in order to obtain a Non-Principal Property Practitioner designation with the PPRA:

  1. Complete 1 year internship period from date of first FFC issue
  2. Complete your logbook
  3. Complete your NQF4 qualification
  4. Write and pass the PDE4 exam

The NQF Level 4 is the National Qualification Forum: Level 4: Real Estate (SAQA QUAL ID (59097) qualification.  The course is a valuable tool which provides broad knowledge, skills and values needed in the real estate Industry.


Why you should enrol in our NQF4 Real Estate course:

  1. Specific instructions from start to finish provided by our industry expert facilitator
  2. Valuable information provided for real world application
  3. We supply you with numerous modules of expert learning material and quizzes – each an integral part of real estate and guaranteed to be asked in your NQF4 exams
  4. Support throughout your course